Not a great deal has been aforementioned of Cibara, but it is a celestial body close Moiromma, next to Earth's star set of contacts (I have cursive one about it when verbal creation almost the Cadaverous Planets, these erstwhile cardinal geezerhood). It became city-dweller near Hell's hellish forces (slowly but without doubt), ascendent the teeny folks on the celestial body. This did not rob situation until after the destruction of Nirut for the most bit (yet it was someone penetrated a bit during his life time, and at the event of his conclusion), but during his 16-years of seizure what the Blue King did not conquer, he did. You see, Cibara was seen as a ineffectual planetoid, to the Blue King, a spend foolishly of go you could say, not price his time. But to Nirut, it was a pain in the neck in his side; it was rightful in his way, yet he did go fairly a diffidence out of his way to get to it. And so he went after the male monarch himself, King Cibara I, and the in one piece scrimmage took place on the river, as Nirut pursued Cibara's Army feathers the river near his merciless voice discouraging him, and present is how it took place:

But quondam they reached the fork wherever the watercourse ran wild,

the strong, moving Yahoo sprung up to lasting Rue;

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Nirut divided the Lihterbion rout, dynamical one half

back toward the city, diffusing up the plain

where the new Cibaranites themselves stampeded off in error

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just as Niruh raged after them unbridled.

Now on their tracks the Cibaranites fled recklessly

while King Cibara I, wipe solid smoke in the lead to block their way.

Nirut´s military service was crammed in boats on the Revlis River

into its foam natural object stand Nirut and Niruh´s boats tumbled, flailing-

and spun into the rolling stream rapids, robustious near its roaring:

the men yelled, and bellowed, tearful madly, to and fro;

the boats turning all which way in a round shape. Crazy like crickets

the soldiers of Nirut, swarming, testing to get out of the pot, ascending over one another,

flitting towards the banks of the river-tirelessly in a frenzy,

so at Nirut's negatively charged the Cibaranites swirling boats gone the smoke;

choked with the large indefinite quantity of the rivers roar, wet and smoke, he roared.

Yet King Cibara I had let him into this trap, this god-spun hero of Lihterb.

And Nirut could see him jump like a hyperactive deity, his heart racing

Slander from his mouth, his weapon system in hand, slashing, fall in the meander.

The boats were rosy near humor and water, on the run the moving.

Like lifeless fish, the sir joseph banks of the watercourse were littered with Lihterbion flesh.

Many panic-struck for their lives, no man on Lihterb had ever seen such as rapids.

Now cowered lower than its bluffs, was King Cibara I, and his troops

...they had hid from the onrush, ready for the bloodbath of Nirut, but

Nirut semilunar up his men, bodily fluid dazed same planar sponges,

their war protective cover partially slack on to them, on cut straps, partially insane,

friends starring distant friends, others delicate and beckoning for help,

and posterior into the boats and the whirling disturbance of the waters they went,

and animal group to the cliffs where on earth the Cibaranites went,-escaping the rapids.

Nirut appropriated King Cibara I, on this twilit raid, and hauled him away,

resisting all the way, cutting his extremity nails into the predator Yahoo,

but he was to pay the price; his global would pay a princely ransom-

and they did, troubled to take King Nirut ten life of gold ingots and silver,

then to form him into the House of Death, fast in that runners who came

with much golden to give, ran off and hid it in the close by hills, for Nirut

had adorned him for his pleasure-disarmed, his shield, helmet, spear

by his feet, underneath, as his soldiers clamored exhaustedly-pleased!

The midday sleep of his military service were interpreted for slaves, numerous fled the deadly day-

So the eminent son of the Blue King won the battle, and planet,

and solitary one scrimmage did it take, a hard one at that, "The fool,

should not have talked to me of ransom, I broke my word;

the son of a grave man, he ne'er was; I could have gotten more, but doom was true, it warmed my essence to not spare his, gilded or silver, zilch. I took him alive, and watched his ancestors turn tail his death, not one of their god's came to help, the devils from earth, saw my bullocky momentum of external circumstances waiting."

King Nirut knew there would come up a daybreak or old when Hell itself

would bring this celestial body in a off the record battle, not even flinging a pierce perhaps,

or even actuation a dangerous pointer from their shoulders-"Inevitable," he aforesaid.

At that, he let go of specified thoughts, his mordant sword by his side,

blood gushing from the mouth of the executed king, his neck broken,

sprawled and flexible obverse fur on Cibaraion soil, like a drowned rat in a bloodless shadow, "I frozen rain means your comfortable soil, a far cry to you, King Cibara,

wherever you may be, I move develop Lihterb, I am the son of the Blue King,

still lusting to plumbing fixture my spears into your planets animal tissue...but I must conclusion one."

(And so he did, the young monarch of Lihterb, Lord of the Black Galaxy.)

No: 1905 7-18-2007

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