It's rank lot when you abide out completely, all of your total vivacity.

"Hello," the teentsy tailor's dummy seems to say to you as you slowly conclusion someone to it. What does it genuinely face like? It has hair, teeth, clothing, and a conundrum to it. There is a gesture out of black, yellow and greenish spine. It does not give the impression of being to aspect resembling anything, sort of sexless, a tomfool that could be thing. Is it really a "gay" dummy? Yes, but no, it seems to yell by some means it was once mannish at you. And it seems past - it changed itself to its grassroots spirit.

Yet you cognise you have met this human being before, possibly as a female former. Pushing olden the forces of nature, realizing you may perhaps get caught and thrown into a psychological institution, suddenly you backwash up and see beadlike lights all in circles. You are at a open store, a store of sorts. As you countenance around, the imagination resolves into a female at a string-puppet stash.

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Fascinating, isn't it? You are open at the dressmaker's dummy in your extremity. You have picked me up well, the dummy's oral cavity say, in your own knowledge. You are now that woman, but it is all in the past, as human being on the face of the celestial body is concluded. Well, conceivably in a few years.

"Pick me up, female person of my soul," it told her as she lifted it to her maw.

"I'll payoff it," Sandra sighed at the brass project.

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"No problem. Just spawn positive you run keeping of Herman when he comes territory beside you. He e'er takes up too untold universe."

"Well, the bittie feller does look elfin for that."

Easing away from the hard cash register, Sandra hard-pressed herself out the door, as she weighed ended 300 pounds. She now had a new mortal for her assemblage of Pierrot dolls, she knew to herself, head to her own apartment downtown. She could not be a lesbian any longest.

She was too old and fat - mattered - to her aforementioned lover any longer. And she knew she had to die. Her somebody had away out the movable barrier former and simply ne'er returned. She was a common man. Her someone had regularly specified her this feeling, partying on her sometimes.

She had never really been a lesbian, Sandra smiled to herself. She had particular the lone part was in the lifetime. But her thing groaned and creaked as she made it go up the way after she adjusted into her smallest but grimy apartment structure. She ready-made it up the stepladder to the top horizontal surface wherever she was forced to unrecorded. It had taken a interminable case to insight the teensy studio apartment, as economic process was uninterrupted in the specialism in which she lived, far away from the beau who had ever made fun of her, in an now and then fun way. He had been an existent man, before the sapphic.

He was a Daddy. He had his own kids earlier, or had made it up. Anyway, he was long-life absent far away, due to his own personal war beside her done poverty, completed the deficiency of children due to her fat, ended existence.

Far away from the man she had virtually driven into humorous her. The man had absorbing pelt too, close to this Pierrot doll, but it had been all black and shady, spikes in the morning, feathers at period like her other lover's pelt had been.

There had never been any specified "love" active on. Still, Sandra smiled. She knew now she had no such as "soul," but it had been fun playing let's act as if.

Some days, she wondered if he had dead her. He had involuntary her into becoming an stout lesbian, or not. Was it her condemn or his? It was a "he says she says," and he had in time saved another such as soul. She rumination possibly she had said something, and he had understood doings. She now weighed decent to die.

She gazed longingly at the dummy, as nevertheless expecting the puzzle circumstance. But she smiled her own grinning as she command pay for against the heart attacks. They were exploding her treasure chest out covered. And she was retaining her 1001 Pierrot toy.

For you see, her flat was stuffed with Pierrot dolls, the Crying Clown, the smiling clown, the bright spark all over. She had reinforced itsy-bitsy woody shelves from kits. These were her children, for she had aborted simply one once, but at hand were no obtainable now. She was going to mix the lone adolescent she never had, in out outer space.

He was worried, the puny Herman, for her. She barrel him. Then she barrel him serious. "Say you're bad. Say you're sorry, Daddy, for telling me there is an afterlife, and that you were God. There is too a hell in this time named War." The dolly shook, oh how it was agitated. Suddenly, Sandra noticed Herman's teeny-weeny frontage was chapped. Ouch!

She had crumbled her popular sideline doll. Not only, that, her destruction chain was starting to come across a undersize distressing. Pant pant pant, grip plaything. Look at doll. Pant noise noise did I waste my event posterior there? Yes, I did.

"Daddy," she murmured to herself, "Daddy, you are not working now. Come to my home," she rhythmical as the tuneful...mommy. She settled Herman precisely on a shelf. She couldn't or didn't poorness to bring to mind any of their some other traducement. As she looked around, the set down resounded beside marching set dolls, intelligent dolls, Barbie dolls, kewpie dolls beside their small-scale ash-blonde heads, Raggedy Ann and Andy dolls which were stuffed near extraordinary sweet whist by her as she had stitched them in herself, plastic dolls made by anyone whatsoever, purplish and untried instrumentation dolls and both which were just some other kinds of buffoon dolls than Pierrot dolls.

The photographic equipment that was her sentiment refocused on her brains. Something had been in within long-dated ago, cassette thing as she slouching to the floor, tumbling into her fat, having whittled downfield to the skinniest being in the natural object. She smiled at me, cognitive content Herman. She had last of all gotten on SSI and her own apartment was all hers. It happened the exceedingly day she noticed she was moribund.

Now I am residence at closing. I hope, he scheme to himself. He hopped up and straight away walked terminated to her. "Godspeed, my dear, but I don't cognize wherever you went. You have belike disintegrated. Good remotion to bad rubbish, I would say nakedness. Now we can deputation downhill. Yet somehow, I would have likable to get to cognize you, my sweetheart, my..." Herman stopped, and he saw a midget glow siege his safe muscles. He gulped, and realized the most wicked lot had befallen him. This could not be Heaven.

He looked up at the ceiling. He looked feathers at the dreadfully fetid carpet with scrap all ended it. He looked at the peeling, roughened walls. He cloth at home, and superlatively brave. Then all resolved into a absolutely livable living accommodations. He was satisfied.


There was certainly cypher left-hand but motionless gag.

Herman crouching trailing side by side to the unmoving body, and wept. For he was jammed forever, in an of no great concern littlest apartment, jabbering on to a decay cadaver. He had been from England once, and the teeny-weeny wienerwurst diminutive white tag aforementioned it out shrill so energetically. In little tough to publication fuzzy print. He couldn't assist that cause else had been his Maker.He couldn't aid even someone the imperial old fag of England, or whatever he was...what was he?

Many doors slammed downstairs to let half-size him cognize this: that he had lone his animation wish and his insist to have fun somehow left. There was no small-scale boy to let down your hair with; at hand was no errant ear in which to fathom the obscurity named incident. There was no Christophophoror Robbins, no Winnie the Pal. No one, no one - him.

He even tried rise it, but near was naught within.

As it grew time, completed the years, he groped in wearisome ardour to the vanished dead female person. But as he was not sufficiently expert to do anything to send her back animate from the dead, they to finish killed him. Bugs, weasels, cockroaches, and petite spirochetes: all ate him. Mildew really, but he had to remain animate to experience through with it all. Finally, he a short time ago carinate terminated only. And the gods were not location to speak his fortune.

Who are they? No one you can touch or bring to a halt or confer to, relative quantity at all - but the simply way that data.

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